Brows tell your story!

Brows frame your face!

Good brows will give you the confidence you need!

Hi everyone! My name is Ebonie! Growing up with super thick and super bushy brows created this inner obsession with achieving the perfect brow! I remember at 13 getting my brows waxed and shaped professionally for the first time... I was HOOKED. Who would've thought years later that moment would've led me to my passion. During my college years, I couldn't go two weeks without getting my brows professionally done. Of course that led to some cute brow moments and not so cute, basically struggle brow moments. I'm talking super thin, over plucked, too short...the list goes on.

While recovering from surgery in 2015, I didn't get my brows professionally done for FOUR MONTHS! In that time, I was able to teach myself the best tips and tricks to get that perfect natural brow. I was chasing after the perfect product and perfect tools to achieve the best arch to fit my face. I've tried it all! Fast forward to 2020 - BROWSBYEC was born!

I am so excited to bring you the perfect brow kits, tips, and tricks to achieve the perfect brow!