Brows are sisters...NOT TWINS! It’s ok if your brows are not perfectly symmetrical. Find the best shape for your face!

Don’t over pluck! Over plucking can prevent eyebrow hairs from growing thicker. Best advice is to pluck biweekly when shaping up your eyebrows

Want thicker fuller eyebrows? Don’t touch them! Letting them grow in longer will give you more room to clean up and get the proper brow shape! Use the BB BROW WONDER OIL to promote fuller healthier brows!

Be gentle while washing your face and applying face oils, moisturizers, makeup etc. Use facial scrubs once a week. Over scrubbing your eyebrows will weaken the hair, making it more prone to shedding.

Fill in your eyebrows before plucking and shaping them! The hairs that are outside your normal shape will be more noticeable and easier to remove!